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We care about technology-enhanced human systems. So we thought we would share regular thoughts and opinions about why we think they matter so much.

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Tending to our Connections : Nurturing Growth in a Hybrid Work Landscape

This past week (Tuesday 5th Dec.) saw us coming together as a business, more completely than we’d done now for the best part of 4 years, as the first day back into a formally structured hybrid working arrangement. But it wasn’t just about coming back in and cracking on. Oh no. This was too much of an opportunity to miss. A chance to really springboard on from where we’ve come, and into a clearer vision of what’s next. Very much “planting trees” mode.

How could recruitment be more efficient?

“We could have an automated process where you could log reference details in because I know as we move on more in modern times, we are growing into more automated stuff, so it would be nice if we can have some sort of automated platform to actually aid us with chasing up.”

Well, guess what, that's exactly what we do!

A response to Peter's post : Focus Focus Focus..... Finish

Alex Hens (CEO) has a longer than linkedin will allow response to a Peter Gold post on Focus.

How we worked with New Look to provide "best in class" recruitment

One of the elements of HARBOUR that we are most proud of are our Hiring Manager Portals. These are distinct interfaces which give Hiring Managers clear sight of their own aligned vacancies and candidates, pulling actions together in an easy to use, one-stop shop, whilst still allowing central teams oversight and control over recruitment as a whole.

AI: Additional Intelligence?

ChatGPT. Flick. Tidio. Everywhere you turn right now, you’re faced with the undeniable ascendance of Artificial Intelligence. The universal opportunities this opens up are vast. But it also brings with it a multitude of concerns, not least will this artifice completely replace the human component to business?

How to up your DEI game with recruitment tech

In the past few years, client conversations about DEI have certainly increased. They want to know how they can use recruitment software to eliminate subconscious bias and to track, monitor and report on DEI throughout the recruitment process.

Fortunately, we have plenty of solutions. Here's some of what we can do…

Why we don’t work Friday afternoons

In January we moved to a four and a half day working week. That’s right! We now work a whole 3 hours and 45 minutes a week less :)

Is recruitment tech worth the money?

Well, now, there’s a question.

And as a recruitment tech company you’d obviously expect our answer to be ‘Hell, yeah!’

Except our response is more of a ‘Yeah, but only if…

A rather chuffed client...

Award-winning law firm TLT needed to power up their recruitment tech to meet the
demands of their future growth ambitions. They also wanted to provide a candidate-centric

experience that aligned with their EVP and company culture.

Improving the hiring process for recruiters and candidates? Heck, this was our kind of gig.

A Real Commitment to Sharing Success

At HARBOUR, we firmly believe in the power of inclusion and shared success. We want every member of our team, regardless of whether they work part-time or full-time, to feel like a valued and integral part of our journey. That's why we are thrilled to announce the recent roll-out of our Employee Share Ownership Scheme.