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We care about technology-enhanced human systems. So we thought we would share regular thoughts and opinions about why we think they matter so much.

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HARBOURites in the spotlight - Dan Lynch

Welcome to the wonderful, the weird, the brains and the brilliance of the HARBOUR team behind the technology. In this blog, we’d like to introduce you to the unashamed nerd that is Dan Lynch. A new breed of agile thinker that brings a people first mindset to every technology challenge.

Gutted to be saying 'see you round' to a HARBOUR legend

A very sad day in the HARBOUR as we wish bon voyage to a HARBOURite, a friend and just about the loveliest man you might wanna meet.

Top time for Topps Tiles!

If you’ve ever tried your hand at tiling, you’ll know how much time it takes. You have to plan, measure and cut in advance. You MUST clean the tiles first. Mix the grout in small batches. If you, don’t you waste it. Start in the centre and work out. Never forget to notch your adhesive and compensate for those walls that are imperfect.

"it's sooooo unfair" - getting older

HARBOUR turned 13 on 27th May. It's been a lot of hard work, but definitely with more smiles and laughter than tears and gnashing of teeth along the way (although with a financial crash and a pandemic to ride through in those 13 years it's fair enough to say it's been a little roller-coastery at times).

Is redeployment on your radar?

The far-reaching implications of a process that might just be around the corner.

In an ever-changing world, there’s a growing trend that will impact many people and many businesses. In this blog, we look at the rise of Mergers & Acquisitions activity and the emotional and practical aspects of delivering a robust redeployment programme that is sensitive to the needs of everyone involved.

Mental Health at work 2021: How can technology help?

Mental Health at work has been climbing in importance on the business agenda and amongst policymakers for the last decade. But since COVID-19, and with many of us working from home, the stakes have suddenly got higher.

The candidate experience in 2021 - Learning the lessons of getting it all ‘Pete Tong’

As we step back towards re-opening life, I reflected back on one of the last crowd events I attended back at the end of 2019 and wanted to share my thoughts, observations and what I hope might be some helpful recommendations on that in relation to candidate experience for this year & beyond.

Changing – but not for change’s sake. Digitising The Royal Automobile Club Membership Application Facility

This isn’t a blog about the technology behind the Royal Autombile Club Membership Application facility. We can talk you through that if you’re interested. This is a blog about the importance of caring for your customer and a partnership approach to help deliver change.

National Apprenticeship Week 2021: Are you investing in the future?

The Covid pandemic has dramatically affected young people’s hopes and dreams. Twice as many 16–24-year-olds have lost their job during the last 12 months than any other age group. And those in education have had to adapt to a totally new, and very isolated, style of learning.

National Apprenticeship Week 2021 is this week. And I would urge any of you reading this, to stop and think about the opportunities, benefits and life-changing responsibility we in business all have to the future leaders, thinkers and workers of tomorrow’s world. 

On a mission with Off The Record

OTR are a charitable organisation who provide vital mental health support services to young people aged 11-25 in Bristol and Gloucester. Established in 1965, they have always been ahead of their time, and in 2021 they are so much more than a charity. We couldn't be more chuffed to get to build a facility to give them their time back from laborious offline recruitment processing, time with which they are better able to focus on the work that they do and to ensure that the right people are brought into the organisation to carry on this vitally important work.

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