Years of evolution

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is by far and away the largest part of who we are and what we do. Over the years our platform has hugely evolved, but our latest iteration, Quantum, is built with over 15 years worth of upgrades to create a fast, flexible and future-focused facility. And with agility at its core, our system has been designed to seamlessly complement other products.


We are the most reliable and agile recruitment middleware provider on the market, with an unflinching desire to deliver user focused functionality – be that the candidate, recruiter, HR or Hiring Managers. So, bring us a simple task, and we’ll delight with a swift, tailored solution that we’re confident will tick all your boxes. If you need something more end-to-end, we’re also the people who’ll find a way – never compromising on quality of the end system.

Balancing needs

We always look to balance in-house builds of functionality with a flexible approach to integration, so whatever your HRMS or your preference for psychometric test, situational judgement evaluation, video interview or background check provider, if they can plug into other systems then we’ll certainly be able to work with them. We don’t see it as our place to dictate who you use, or to restrict you to using in-house compromise solutions, because we believe the recruitment experience of your candidates should be an extension of the ‘personal’ that you’ve spent so much time and effort shaping into your employer brand and the proposition of working for your organisation. To us, the ‘same-old-same-old’ is simply too ‘samey’ and too old.

Exceptional experience recognised

The founding Directors worked for years in Recruitment Marketing / Communications, so it’s true to say that putting the candidate experience first is very much where they cut their teeth. Therefore it should be of little surprise that this consideration sits so front and centre in all HARBOUR executions. Whether a simple job search and apply, a portal for Contractors to manage their timesheets or OnBoarding and new starter inductions, you’ll never see a join between the pages we host and your company or careers site. And you certainly won’t see any self-promotional “powered by” nonsense. We put what’s best for our clients first EVERY time.

And whilst we take pride in every system we launch and client relationships we support, sometimes the scale of the work goes that bit beyond the high bar even we set for ourselves. Having entered such a piece of work into the RADs, we picked up the award for Best Use of Technology (2020) with New Look, which goes nicely alongside our Best Candidate Experience award we picked up in 2018 with Greater Anglia. What was most gratifying was that not only was the great result on those nights, but the executions continues to generate great recruitment results - very literally a win-win.

So what are you waiting for?