HARBOUR OnBoarding
Adapting the system to suit the need

Attraction is one thing, but bringing people on-board in the right way is equally as important. Truly engaging, unquestionably effective and highly efficient – we’ve also picked up a few industry awards along the way for our work here too.

For some clients it really is about simply taking an offline process online. And that’s cool. HARBOUR OnBoarding delivers that in spades – saving masses of effort, time, ink, trees, postage and… well… hassle for all parties. It also ensures everything’s very transparent (for recruiters and Hiring Managers), maintains engagement with regular updates to all parties and automated chasers if or where needed, and provides a full New Starter pack output complete with audit trail from application to confirmed start on day 1. HRMS integration? Of course.

However, some clients need OnBoarding to work harder – particularly in highly regulated sectors such as those over-watched by bodies such as CQC, FCA, Ofsted. We’ve worked hard to ensure HARBOUR delivers against the most exacting of those requirements, re-defining tailor-ability because we know that one size very much does not fit all. So add in preliminary contracts, 3rd party DBS check integrations and a variety of executions to meet medical check needs plus much, much more – and that’s what we can do.

And if you want to step it up further, then you could use our platform to build out distinct joining experiences dependent on the new starters level or role within the business, establishing rich media or immersive engagement that may include a pre-start day forum. Or what about providing a facility for the Hiring Manager to choose from a suite of mandatory and optional induction elements, categorised by area of the business, to build a personalised induction plan and engagement programme? This ensures that first-day excitement is maintained through week one and into weeks two, three and four, making your new joiner feel wanted and helping them start adding value to your business all the faster.

You dream it and we’ve probably built a version of it - and even if we haven’t, then we’re certainly up for it.

And don’t just take our word for being best in class

When you dare to care as much as we do, then every piece of work is pretty personal. And in terms of OnBoarding that means it doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple interface or something all the more singy with additional dance moves thrown in. But when you’ve worked so hard with a client to deliver a facility that you know will have both a transformative business and personal impact, well, then you can’t help but see what a little peer review produces. Seems our peers were impressed too. And best of all - two awards for OnBoarding for two different clients with two very different approaches. No one-trick ponies us.

So what are you waiting for?