“The partnership with HARBOUR is unique - not like a normal client/supplier relationship. They have a genuine desire to understand what we want to achieve. They challenge us and encourage us to explore different ways of doing things. Getting heads together enables us to find the right solution, first time and avoids resources being wasted.”
Head of Talent Acquisition, Circle Health Group

Our products

Whatever recruitment challenges you face, our passion is to create solutions that solve problems. For some clients that might be “entry level” and pragmatic. We’ve plenty of clients that started as little acorns, and some where this is all that’s required. But we also build all the more substantial and truly end-to-end solutions - facilities with multiple integrations, bespoke functionality and systems that underpin processes to satisfy the most rigorous of recruitment requirements (be it CQC, CI, CIW, FCA, PRA or whatever). Oh - and we’ve also won a number of awards along the way too (of which you can read more on our blog if you think that you too like a little “shiny” in your life).

We consider ourselves to be problem finders as much as solutions providers, and our approach is both agile and fluid, but you can find out more about our core products by clicking on any one of the nine products below: