We Dare to Care

There's not much our award-winning “standard” HARBOUR Quantum recruitment software can’t do. However, if you want to go that step further and have your own bespoke system, we are definitely the team for you.

Tell us what’s on your wishlist and we'll create exactly what you want (no shiny but unnecessary extras for you, my friend). We’re into custom solutions, so our bespoke systems are thoughtfully built to suit your business needs as well as your budget. Don’t worry if you’re not a tech-head – we’re simple folk who like having jargon-free conversations to explain what we do.

Our implementation provided Greater Anglia with over 12,500 completed applications, and a 0% Onboarding drop-out rate

Crush the candidate experience

Here at HARBOUR we like to start things off right. Before we get down to the tech, we do a lot of listening to understand your set-up. That way we can flex our solutions to perfectly suit your different needs.

Maybe you’d like your vacancy page to have the kind of functionality that makes it a joy to scroll through (by the way, we did this for one client and their applications rocketed by 70% in two months).

We can build as many touchpoints into your Applicant Tracking System as you like to keep communication going. That means you can send your candidates gentle reminders, update them on progress and generally keep them in the loop (handy if you don’t want ghosting to do any reputational damage!).

From application to onboarding, your candidates will enjoy a refreshingly seamless journey. There might be all sorts of tech wizardry going on behind the scenes but it’s a game changer when it comes to keeping candidates happy.

A Taste of our Tech

Don’t know your ATS from your API? You don’t need to be an expert in recruitment tech (that’s our job!). All you have to do is tell us what you want. We’ve got a hunch you’re desperate to…

  • Reduce time to hire
  • 📉 Slash drop-off rates
  • 😴 Spend less time on admin
  • 🚀 Shorten onboarding time
  • 💰 Lower admin costs
  • 🤩 Get on top of the recruitment process

How does that sound for starters?

Come on in – the water is warm!

A talent pool. Now that’s a handy thing to have, isn’t?

Just imagine – a beautifully organised place where you can keep all your prospects nice and warm until you need them. You can sub-divide leads into separate pools. Send out regular communications like your charity newsletter. Track emails and phone calls. Match skill sets to vacancies via ‘Search and Tag’. And give everyone cross-team access as well.

That's what you get with our Candidate Relationship Management System (CRM). It stores candidate data, tags it and makes it easily searchable within pools and sub-pools – so you can quickly find who you’re looking for when the time is nigh (and your competitors are still dusting off their old database).

Out of the ordinary

Take our contract management facility. One client needed to track on and offboarding, timesheet submission and approval for associates directly and agencies en masse plus various complex commercial reports. And the whole kit and caboodle had to work seamlessly across five different jurisdictions with their own specific currency considerations.

We configured away and came up with exactly what they wanted. And we’ll continue to tweak and twiddle as and when their business needs it.

HARBOUR’s platform is second to none, as they’ve been able to accommodate every idea I’ve come up with. They’ve done a great job for us and their aftercare and customer service is exceptional.

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