Anonymised Screening
Anonymised applications – including CVs – through powerful partnerships

For many years we wondered what the fuss with CV Parsing was all about – and to be truthful, from a candidate experience perspective we still do. To us it seems to be tech for tech’s sake, at best adding little and quite obvious in the potential to degrade the applicant journey (and trust us, we have looked at a lot of such solutions). But in our investigation, we came across some providers who offered a level of parsing that, for us, set it apart from the crowd. A truly powerful tool that could, in our opinion, really add value to the Resourcers interfacing with HARBOUR.

By sending every application through third-party software, what we get back is a seriously rich taxonomy of matched and rationalised tags, together with a really good AI profile summary. How good? Well that’s for you to evaluate of course – every Resourcer has their own way of considering an applicant, and every technology needs proving on its own merits in your eyes, but we’re seriously impressed by the results we see. And if it helps reduce initial review times by even 10-20% over a month let alone across a year, then that’s a lot of time freed up to allow added value activities in candidate experience or to the business.

But even better than that, in our opinion, is that it also has the power to strip personal details from an uploaded CV. So with the agility of HARBOUR our clients can now share totally anonymised applications, including CVs, with Line Managers to be sure of absolute balance in their consideration, and even have initial Resourcer sifts done “blind” too. And the openness of the third party APIs we’re working with means that whilst there’s always edge case instances where a CV is written in an unusual way we can ourselves continue to tweak and evolve the functioning to ensure as complete a solution as is possible.

So what are you waiting for?