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Stepping Beyond Comfort: Claire Cousens' Journey to Inspirational Leadership

In the heart of every organisation, there are individuals whose stories of personal growth and development not only inspire us but also drive transformative changes that elevate the entire business. Today, we shine the spotlight on one such remarkable journey of overcoming imposter syndrome, embracing discomfort for growth, and leading by example. Claire Cousens, our Chief Operating Officer (COO) at HARBOUR, has recently completed a leadership course, "Becoming a Better Leader," created by Quolux , and her experience is a beacon of inspiration for all of us.

The Path to Becoming a Better Leader

The "Becoming a Better Leader" program is designed for those ready to challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zones, and embrace a growth mindset. It brings together 8-16 individuals in similar leadership positions for a comprehensive 10-month journey, featuring monthly masterclasses with external speakers, 'Think Tank' sessions, and six coaching sessions totaling seven hours. The program is enriched with tools for learning how to coach, shadowing opportunities, and the challenge to undertake senior projects aimed at solving real issues within their companies. Claire's initial reaction to the program was a mix of excitement and apprehension, recognizing the potential for personal and professional growth despite the daunting challenges ahead.

Claire's Transformational Journey

Claire's commitment to her development and the betterment of HARBOUR has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did she complete the course with flying colors, but she also earned the prestigious Staff Development Award, a testament to her impactful initiatives to develop our team. This award, voted by her peers, highlights the significant changes she implemented to foster staff development, the methods employed, and her ongoing plans for the future.

"LEAD™ totally exceeded my expectations and then some, and I would 100% recommend the course to others," Claire remarked. Her journey through the program bolstered her confidence and belief in her abilities, encouraging her to push the boundaries of what she thought was possible. The welcoming environment, combined with a diverse learning format, provided her with invaluable insights and the opportunity to reflect on our practices by engaging with other businesses.

A Ripple Effect of Positive Change

Claire's experience and achievements through the LEAD™ program have ignited a ripple effect of positive change within HARBOUR. By stepping out of her comfort zone, Claire has not only advanced her leadership skills but has also set a shining example for continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence. Her story is a powerful reminder that growth often lies on the other side of discomfort, and that with the right mindset and support, overcoming imposter syndrome is not just possible - it's the pathway to unlocking our full potential.

The Future is Bright

As we celebrate Claire's achievements and the transformative impact of her journey, we're reminded of the importance of investing in our people. Leadership development is not just about enhancing individual capabilities but about uplifting the entire organisation. Claire's story exemplifies how embracing challenges, seeking personal growth, and committing to staff development can lead to remarkable outcomes for both the individual and the business.

At HARBOUR we're more committed than ever to fostering an environment where our team can thrive, inspired by leaders like Claire who dare to step beyond their comfort zones. Her journey is a testament to the power of growth, resilience, and the profound impact of visionary leadership. Here's to Claire, and here's to the endless possibilities that lie ahead for all of us willing to embark on the journey of becoming better leaders.

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