Quick Apply
Job board interfacing that puts you in control

Everyone knows that drop-off from job board interest is always due to the ATS - right? Wrong. Drop-off is also created by the way that job boards rely on harvesting applicant data, which means all too often an applicant will feel they’ve applied even though they never submit an application into the ATS. And many companies require way more information than just basic details and a CV – so even when an applicant is aware that they’ve been directed to a client application form, “I’ll come back later” becomes “well my details are submitted on X job board” to “I never heard back from company Y!”

Now of course – many of these can be time wasters anyway, but we’ve grown tired of being portrayed as the problem. For an application to be created within HARBOUR all we need is an email address – everything beyond that is your call. So we’re working with all mainstream job boards to ensure they can send candidate details directly into your ATS. The chasing for the rest of the information is then done by us – and the decision as to whether you process someone with or without whatever you deem to be a completed application is yours. In truth, we nailed this years ago to capture diversity data from agency submitted applicants, so it just makes sense to use it this way too.

So what are you waiting for?