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post by Alex Hens - CEO; Founder; (self-titled) Solutionista

If you’ve been following any of the postings from me of late then you might have picked up on a renewed pep-in-our-step… consciously celebrating the brilliance of what has gone before, but setting ourselves some seriously ambitious future goals … a drive to deliver all the more to our collective awesome and a challenge to create for ourselves a “second bite at this business cherry” kinda vibe.

Well, very much in line with that, this news is something that’s been a little while coming, almost certainly overdue, but, as “they” say… good things come to those who wait. And I think 15 years doing this is long enough to wait to bring in someone who can really help ensure our commercial and platform aspirational priorities are all the more clearly set, truly ambitious enough and then delivered to.

Step forward the man of many miles… an original originator of Applicant Tracking tech… none other than Mr ATS himself.

Yup, I’m delighted to announce that amongst our numbers we can now count Peter Gold, joining as he has as a Non Executive Director.

Now if you’ve never heard of or read something by Peter and you’re reading this ‘ere post then I’d DEFINITYELY go check him out (links below) ‘cos he’s kinda a bit of an industry institution – and whilst he’s unapologetically marmite in his approach, very few others can genuinely be said to have “been there, seen it and done it” quite to the same level as he… with, for me rather importantly, a healthy emphasis on the “done it” aspect.

As it happens we first worked with Peter some 7 or so years ago, but in all honestly I, nor the senior team, were really in the right headspace to make best use of the counsel we were paying for, so we drifted apart. However, we’ve always stayed in touch with appropriate levels of mutual respect (well – certainly respect from me to him for sure, I obviously can’t vouch the other way  ;-) ) and at the end of last year Peter agreed to join the HARBOUR crew.

For me this is not only a great opportunity to tap into his many years of experience and cut-to-the-chase insights, but also a clear vote of confidence in what we’ve built HARBOUR to be and where we’re now seeking to kick-on to.

So that’s it really – am pasting a whole host of links to “de man” and wot he does below, and whilst he finishes his prep for his next adventure cycling across the Atlas mountains it does lead me to remember that great fridge magnet (see previous blog for more on that) : “you don’t have to be mad to work here – but it helps”. He’s clearly that.. and in some ways, it probably does.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/petergold/

Website : https://www.mrats.co.uk/

The ATS Protocol newsletter : https://www.linkedin.com/newsletters/the-ats-protocol-6983328586615119872/

X : https://twitter.com/petergold99

What he’s actually most interested in : https://www.gravelbiking.co.uk

p.s. playing with our digital overlords (aka ChatGPT) as I am wont to do, you know... this being a software thing I'm in and all, I wondered how it might suggest I broadcast such news.

Well - suffice to say I'll keep on playing, but right now it's very much not something I'm handing over too. It definitely got aspects of "my tone", but just a little too much toe curlingly "try hard" for my liking. Still. Fun to post.

NED News: Welcoming Mr. ATS, Peter Gold, to the HARBOUR Family

Hey, HARBOUR crew! 👋 If you've been catching my recent vibes, you'll know we've got that second wind, that fresh zest for business – a vibe that says, "Let's take another juicy bite of the business cherry!" 🍒

Now, drumroll, please! 🥁 It's high time we spill the beans on some news that's been brewing for a bit (perhaps fashionably overdue, but hey, good things and all that jazz). After 15 years in the game, it's time to bring in a heavyweight who can steer our commercial and platform dreams into reality.

Cue the entrance of the man who practically bleeds Applicant Tracking tech – the OG, Mr. ATS himself, Peter Gold. 🌟 Yes, you read that right! We're thrilled to announce that Peter has officially joined us as a Non-Executive Director.

Now, if you're scratching your head wondering, "Who's Peter Gold?" – hold up, stop everything, and check him out (links at the bottom). He's like an industry institution, a bit marmite, but hey, who isn't? Few others can claim to have "been there, seen it, and done it" quite like him, with a solid emphasis on the "done it" part.

Believe it or not, we first crossed paths with Peter about 7 years ago. Back then, we weren't quite in the right headspace to fully embrace the wisdom we were paying for, so we took a hiatus. But guess what? Fate had other plans, and at the end of last year, Peter hopped on board.

This isn't just about tapping into his wealth of experience; it's a legit vote of confidence in what HARBOUR has become and where we're headed.

So, that's the lowdown. I'm throwing in a bunch of links below for your reading pleasure, and as Peter gears up for his next adventure cycling across the Atlas mountains, it reminds me of that classic fridge magnet (if you missed it, check the previous blog): "You don't have to be mad to work here – but it helps." Well, he's definitely a bit mad, and in some strange way, it probably does help. 🚴♂️💼

[Links to Peter's greatness go here]

Cheers to new adventures and having Mr. ATS on board! 🚀 #HARBOURvibes #MrATS #NEDNews