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Recruiting in the Care Sector

With a proven track record of working with many organisations in your shoes, we understand your struggles.

Significant staff turnover. Exacting industry regulations. Pay rates that are often matched or bettered by other employers who don’t ask for a candidate’s every detail. We know the recruitment process is painfully slow and that drop-off rates can cause sleepless nights.

So how about some much-needed support? Our recruitment software is designed with care so you can attract, hire and retain candidates faster and more efficiently.

Care UK’s time to hire was cut by 60% and their offer-to-onboarding by 50% with HARBOUR.

Everyone’s a winner

Candidates. Hiring managers. HR. Thanks to our tech solutions everyone involved in the recruitment process gets due care and attention. Applicant forms to capture data only as and when it’s needed? Got it. An all-you-need portal for hiring managers? Yep. Auditability and trackability for Heads of HR and Compliance? Absolutely.

We work with health and social care providers big and small . Maybe you need to ditch your spreadsheets and up the ante with your data storage. Or replace a horrible HRMS job search and apply experience. We can add simple but brilliant HARBOUR interface to all parts of the recruitment journey. Want a more all-singing, all-dancing solution to drive efficiency in your recruitment process? You can have an enhanced recruitment portal that does double duty as a self-serve, one-stop shop for hiring managers and allows centralised talent teams to keep an eye on recruitment activity.

Suited to your needs and able to integrate with your current systems – it’s all there for the taking.

A Taste of our Tech

Don’t know your ATS from your API? You don’t need to be an expert in recruitment tech (that’s our job!). All you have to do is tell us what you want. We’ve got a hunch you’re desperate to…

  • Reduce time to hire
  • 📉 Slash drop-off rates
  • 😴 Spend less time on admin
  • 🚀 Shorten onboarding time
  • 💰 Lower admin costs
  • 🤩 Get on top of the recruitment process

How does that sound for starters?

CQC & Onboarding

Onboarding in the Care sector is complex and time-consuming, we know. There’s no way around CQC regulations (nor should there be). But there IS a way to capture candidate data quickly and efficiently.

It’s the hassle-busting HARBOUR way.

You can have a system that integrates with both your HRMS and your background check providers. There’s also a fully automated portal that powers through pre-employment checks thanks to candidate prompts and reminders. And you’re covered for CQC compliance with reassuring audit trails throughout and a final new starter pack that’s personnel file ready.

Committed Candidates

Candidate drop-off is a major issue in your sector. The longer it takes to fill a position, the longer you have to rely on costly bank staff.

Enter our specially created two-stage application process. It allows candidates to fill in a short form upfront then be sent a more detailed form before their interview. We figured that by this stage candidates would be more committed to completing a form and continuing with the application process. And from client feedback, we figured right.

Va-va-voom virtual recruiting

Want to level up your online recruitment? We’re on it!

How about a handy system integration that automatically sets up Microsoft Teams for interviews? That’ll save you a nice chunk of time. Now imagine a hiring manager is on a video interview or an onboarder is verifying a new joiner and they pull up another screen to view the candidate’s passport. Now they can instantly verify that the photo matches the candidate’s face. That’ll do nicely for compliance. And it’s all logged and stamped in the audit trail to boot.

A top-notch 360 recruitment management platform combined with superlative client account management. It provides the technology that powers engagement, and enables swift onboarding of an increasingly savvy candidate-led labour market.

HR – Strategic Buyer, Cygnet Healthcare
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