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What Talent Acquisition / Recruitment is all about - basically what HARBOUR helps underpin

As time ticks along and we keep adding clients, probably one of the most heartening things is the number of clients who we retain - both companies and individuals who move on and decide (often after a fresh review of the market) to work with us again. One such person is Craig Hunter - previously of Yell and most recently of Priory Group

Craig recently got interviewed by the nice people over at Ingenium People (a training company dedicated to InHouse Recruitment Professionals) as part of their "Unsung Heroes" series of articles. For anyone involved in Recruitment I think it makes an interesting read - and from my perspective he's on the money with his thoughts and observations. I've long held the opinion that recruitment isn't Rocket Science, but it's amazing how many people / companies get it wrong either failing to grasp the basics or else looking to overcomplicate things (particularly when trying to do what they believe to be "cool", all too often just for cool's sake) - Craig hits all the right notes, including the headline statement: "A great TA team will always have a candidate in mind​".

Read the full article / interview / post here : http://www.ingeniumpeople.co.uk/unsung-heroes-every-business-craig-hunter/ 

But very kindly we got a namecheck too - so I thought I'd paste that element here for perpetuity as well :)

"We worked with 3D MarComms to implement their Harbour ATS, Eonboarding, and provided bespoke training for the team and line managers, then rolling out to in excess 400 hiring managers. Essential for Priory was that the process was compliant with the Quality Care Commission and Ofsted, and essential for the Talent Acquisition team was that we understood what the business wanted and were able to tell them what they needed. The result was that the hiring process became much more effective while not forgetting the importance of the candidate experience.

By leveraging technology and recruiter expertise we also embedded a direct model that now receives 65% of applicants via mobile and recruits 91% of hires direct."

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