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New year...

... new record for gap between blog posts? Possibly. 

Geez - So sorry - how rubbish of me / us. Still, can't think that anyone has commented that we've not been updating this or saying anything, but then again I'm sure plenty of Social Media Gnu's and Marketing Hexperts would have a very good point in saying that who knows how many people passed through without stopping because there was nothing new to see. In fact, more than a good point - they'd be dead right. Who does know? Or would they be wrong - because no-one can know. Oh, I don't know, hurting my head all this suppositioning - still, maybe it's time to try and crank up this ole blogging thing again.


Well - for tonight at least. Couple of things to get out into public space and so rather than switching on catch-up TV or losing a(nother) night getting dragged back into my Christmas box set of Game of Thrones I'll see if I can do a little fast forward catch up here. Bear with. And happy new year (he says writing it nearly half way through February - oh dear :-/ )