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Striking a chord when recruiting Developers

We've been going on a bit of a recruitment "splurge" of late, and part of that is looking for a couple more people to join our dev team (full job advert here if you're interested or know someone :). 

Anyway - Tony (CTO) spotted this yesterday and it really struck a massive chord when we look at the number of "senior" or "mid-heavyweight" developers who we get forwarded by agencies who then seem to run scared of our little evaluation piece. For us, certainly personally speaking, recruitment is not a "numbers game" (as I heard a number of senior Job Board representatives lecture about at a recent conference I attended), but rather a sift to get the right bum on the right seat - anything other than that is just short-term-minded madness. Surely.


catroon originaly posted here: http://www.commitstrip.com/en/2016/04/27/we-can-stop-here/