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Some things are worth waiting for - like AshleyKate

I won't even count up how long we've been waiting for this little launch - but suffice to say we stopped holding our breath about this time last year.

But this is a client who wanted everything just so (and why not). They've also been busy themselves in rebranding and moving offices and the like. Sometimes there are just more reasons why something can slip down the to-do list than would force it to the top (particularly if what was there already wasn't all that broken).

Anyway - we've made Ashley Kate (market leaders in HR Recruitment) a new shiny site that is now open for business. We think it looks pretty nice as it goes (and yes - we would say that of course, but then we do take extreme pride in a job well done every time), but built on HARBOUR CMS and with some simple but effective back-end functionality and integration with their existing candidate database it's nice to step out of our usual stuff and build skills and experience elsewhere every once in a while :)

Ashley Kate home page

Hope you like - they're a really nice bunch too and seem very knowledgeable about their specialism, so if you're looking for your next job in HR then go have a peep and drop them your CV  :-D