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A new home for 3D MarCommians & HARBOUR HQ

It's odd to think that only a year ago we were approaching the end of year 2 of 3D MarComms and feeling all grown up moving into a proper (relatively speaking) office. No more clearing out the home office because the Mother In Law was coming to stay and needed the space (formerly known as a spare bedroom).

But now, a year later and a few more people onboard it was blatantly clear that we had outgrown our space again. And whilst a quarterly rent that didn't break 4 figures was very nice, there's a certain comfort that you need in your day-to-day space that just wasn't possible with 5 of us in our little room. So the hunt began - and (thankfully for me) ended pretty much where it started, just around the corner.

It's a very smart office property that was built just before the recession hit (unfortunately for the owners) and had been left unoccupied ever since. I walk the dog past it several times a week and have always looked at it daring to dream "maybe one day!" Well like something that was just "meant to be" it waited for us to be ready and this week we moved into 20 Station Rd.

There's work still to be done in as much as we have the ground floor and so the floor and a half above are available to rent to other parties, so walls and doors will be put up to make our space all the more visibly ours, but as you'll see from below there's quite literally more room than we know what to do with - but... well... it was just right on so many levels.

So if you do find yourself in deepest most Northern Essex then do pop by for a coffee. We now have somewhere to receive and entertain guests. Who knows, we might even have a coffee table by then too (although having been schooled by ThirtyThree it's quite possible that a beer fridge and pool table would come before anything as practical as a coffee table ;) Before: After: