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OMG - who stole the past 8 months??!!!

I'm embarrassed. Horrified and embarrassed.

It surely can't have been 8 months since I last wrote on this 'ere blog? :-|

I mean I thought a month or two. Maybe something just before Christmas, but 8 months!!!

How many times have I talked and presented over the years about the dangers of the blog graveyard - and there's ours, languishing without so much as a "we just launched this facility" or "guess who we're working with?" or even "Happy Christmas". tut tut tut.

So where from here. It's all a bit awkward really. Like bumping into that person you had a bit of a passionate thing with for a week or two, but then missed a night, forgot to call the next day and then kinda got on with life until there they are staring right at you in the corridor to the toilet at the pub where you'd gone for a quick drink. I mean it's not like there's anyone else - and they still look good (well, "not so bad - all things considered" in the case of this blog/site), and you'd actually still like to pick up where you left off, but how??????

(and BTW - that last analogy bit - it was all made up. Never happened to me like that. Not at at all. Must have read it somewhere :-| )

Perhaps I'll come back over the coming weeks (well - best intentions and all that) and fill in some of the pieces more thoroughly, but here are some of the highlights from 8 months (8 MONTHS!!). And if you're a client reading this and think "how come we're not featuring in that then?!" it's probably because I'm building up to a big piece on our project or else I'm getting approval from your marketing department to include you (but drop me a line and I'll confirm which - it's almost certainly one of those two reasons - honest ;)

  • SafestoreJobs - we host the entire careers section.
  • MonsoonJobs - no, seriously, 'ickle us! We rebuilt and host the entire Monsoon Accessorize careers site and ATS :)
  • Shaun joined - he's a baby developer, but he ROCKS!
  • ComicRelief - they probably won't have any jobs on there as they're a bit busy right now (Red Nose day this Friday you see).
  • HarringtonBoyd - a site we did from root to branch (you'll get the pun if you look at the site) for this new SAP & Finance focussed Recruitment Consultancy - so from the logo and letterhead to the site and facility underneath.
  • WWT - the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (them of Slimbridge and other twitchery type places).
  • GolshieldCareers - "patience is a virtue". That is all :)
  • National Skills- Academy for Power website - will definitely have to write up more about this, it went live last week though so let's let the dust settle first.
  • We've done some smaller campaign type facilities along the way for Admiral , Barclays ,Clarks , Newport City Council , RBI and Tai Calon amongst others.

We've done lots more with existing clients such as LSG and continue to support a number of clients who we are chuffed are becoming long serving by any businesses standing such as CIFF, Heinz and WeightWatchers.

Christmas saw us giving £250 to Comic Relief and £250 to Marie Curie from the clicks of those we wished the best of the season to (see the original page here ). And then bang up to date: This week we have two new members who have joined our team - take a bow James & Karen - and in 3 weeks time, exactly a year after moving into this office from being a home based business, we should be moving into a new HARBOUR HQ just around the corner (in Tiptree that is - which, trust me, almost certainly is not "just around the corner" from you).

Oh - and I've just spent 2 fantastic days in deepest darkest Somerset deconstructing the recruitment process with HR & Line Managers at Clarks (yes, that global footwearretailer!) who we are delighted to be working with to build a new site and all singing all dancing ATS for. Definitely much much more coming about that project as it takes shape through to delivery.

Right - I think that's most things. I'm exhausted just writing that all up (& I've still got some of my day job to crack on with), so hopefully my heart felt apology for not paying you the attention you deserve has struck the right chord, you can see it was indeed nothing personal and that life really did just seem to "get in the way" - and maybe we can do this again sometime soon? Hope so -'cos it really has been nice to see you again :)

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