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Direct Apply with Reed.co.uk

A record number of vacancies are currently combining with labour and skills shortages to create a perfect storm within the UK jobs market. Candidate experience is consequently rapidly increasing in importance for recruiters at a time when the labour market is leaning very much in favour of jobseekers. 

Reed.co.uk's recent research*, however, highlights shortcomings with the candidate experience – with feedback and communication called out as specific challenges:

  • Almost a quarter (24%) of those that have applied for jobs since the start of the pandemic say they had no response to their application
  • Of those that made it through the application to the interview stage, 16% received no feedback or communication from the business after their first interview 

At HARBOUR, we're always looking for ways to support our clients in their recruitment processes, whilst simulataneously finding ways to enhance the candidate experience. For this reason we've integrated 'Quick Apply' with Reed.co.uk to deliver our clients and their candidates an integrated smooth application process.

Direct Apply

The Direct Apply solution replaces the traditional need for a redirect process between a candidate making an application on Reed.co.uk and then making an application within the careers pages. Closing the loop in the hiring process for clients and consequently giving candidates a smoother experience.

When a candidate applies to a job via Reed.co.uk, with Direct Apply, businesses using HARBOUR to manage their recruitment programmes will be able to:

  • Capture every candidate
  • Create a smoother candidate experience by capturing applicant data directly from Reed.co.uk
  • Alleviate any drop off

Candidates will complete their application on Reed.co.uk, Reed will automatically send the application, along with any additional detail such as CVs, screening questions and any additional documentation, directly into your HARBOUR system.

* Online survey conducted by Atomik Research among 2,002 adults in the UK  –  all employed full (80%) or part-time (20%) – between 17th – 20th August 2021. Atomik Research is an independent creative market research agency that employs MRS-certified researchers and abides to MRS code