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A Right Royal Munch Up

To commemorate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, Project Assistant come Party Planner extraordinaire Emma Rielly organised a Right Royal Munch Up. Fellow HARBOURites decorated the office with bunting, created games and baked tasty treats.

Amongst the festivities :

- regal beer pong

- throw the corgi poo through the crowns (a game of Em's own making)

- pin the crown jewel on her maj 

- & a tense couple of rounds of Royal Tower Jenga (learns were that Conner seems to have sonar & Jas has never played before but with some coaching did pretty good :)

And the Great Royal Bake Off was won by Tony - who is now both CTO & CBO. What a talent that man is! 

Fun was certainly had by all! Thanks Em. You're party creation royalty.

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