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Client Success - what we do, but with a new champion

As I write this we're now a business of 40 people - and with all those people comes the need to bring in some serious strategic thinking and team management and the like. The reality is that having grown this business organically over 8 years even Tony and I get to a point where we realise that we really can't be involved in every key decision, so you look to bring in bright and brilliant talent who can point out where we've maybe missed a trick & / or how to shape the business to make it all the better going forward and help lead it in that direction.

We made such a hire towards the end of last year - and now we're happy to announce (catching up with ourselves from 2016) we have our very own Client Success Director.  

Andras Kemeny has a CV that, TBH, kinda made all of us interviewing him feel pretty inferior, with an MBA and having worked as a Management Consultant, a Head of Recruitment and, most recently, a global HRD - but he must have seen something in what we are striving to create and so he jumped on board. And with that kind of "other side of the fence" experience we're very excited about the perspective and insight he can bring to ensure we keep apace with our clients' needs.

Anyway - you can read up on him on his LinkedIn page  - or if you want to know more about what he's here to do then feel free to ask him yourself (he's very approachable :) andras@3dmarcomms.com

And incase you see him out and about - this is he :


Glad to report still just a smiley if a little less "suity" these days (unless of course it's required, we can do "suited and booted" when required :)


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