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Each year we opt to not send Christmas cards or quirky gifts and the like, but rather give a donation - with us opening up for our clients and partners and people we know to tell us how they'd like to see our donation split between the 3 charity's we nominate (together with giving one of our lovely charity client's a month free - this year it was decided to be Comic Relief ). You can read more all about this here: www.harbour-ats.com/christmas  

Anyway - the business end is that we need to confirm who we donated to. And the order of popularity of the 3 charities as directed by the 500+ people who expressed an interest was (insert drum roll..............)


Save The Children


So we've donated a grand total of £600 across those 3 charities. Here's hoping 2017 allows us to keep this going next Christmas (as well as across the year when we can) - it feels good to give. 

Thanks all.