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It may be raining, it may be pouring - but L&G are far from boring

The world's largest insurance and investment management organisation with worldwide assets of $1 trillion.

Going since 1836.

Who knew? TBH we didn't.

Didn't really give ourselves much of a chance when we got invited to tender either - I mean don't get me wrong, we back ourselves to deliver the most personal and responsice service of any ATS  in the market, and we certainly back HARBOUR, but, well, we're not really a "formal tender kind of company". We don't have a dedicated Sales & Marketing function or a Bid Writing team, it's just us finding time around our day-to-day and preferring to tell it how it is. Or at least tell it how we see it, which sometimes can be admitting we don't have all the answers but giving a clear "look you straight in the eyes commitment" that you'll not work with a company who'll go further to ensure they deliver on promises or work harder to keep clients delighted. 

Anyway - fast forward past some intense scrutiny (and rightly so too) and hard core requirement capture and what we launched at the start of this year was a system built to take a requirement through a very structured authorisation to publication (inc. an internal job board and distinct redeployment portal), then contract generation through to OnBoarding - with screening and interview templates generated from within, plus various checks and balances along the way to boot. And the system had to be as one but support two very different business entities and associated structures in Legal & General & LGIM (Legal and General Investment Management).  First chance to work with PinkSquid too - nice bunch.

We've also already added an enhancement to help management of contingent roles with their embedded RPO to make things all the more joined up.

Feedback to date from various key stakeholders at the client has been massively positive - but then many people writing such blogs would say that wouldn't they, so if you'd like to hear first hand about this client's experience then don't hesitate to drop us a line and we'll put you directly in touch with them - they volunteered themselves as a reference if or when needed so happy are they with what we've delivered and continue to deliver, which is very nice of them.

So - drum roll - .... http://careers.legalandgeneralgroup.com/​ and http://careers.lgim.com/​