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OnBoarding… Insurance for the last stage of the hiring process.

When it comes to what’s important to us in life, our families, our houses and our cars… We make sure we take out insurance to protect the things we cherish. For the Admiral Group, one of their most prized assets is their people (after all they’ve got 5,000 people in South Wales alone and a further 2,000 people all over the world). So when they go to all the effort of attracting and recruiting the right people, they want to make absolutely sure they join.

Already fans of HARBOUR ATS , Admiral came to us for a bit of advice. When you’re hiring some 1,000 people a year, if the onboarding process isn’t automated it can generate a heck of a lot of administration. Sending out contracts, sorting them when they come back, scanning them in, chasing up missing forms, getting references, checking start dates, sitting down with new starters and getting them to fill out mandatory forms on their start day…   If this vital piece of the recruitment process isn’t handled professionally, swiftly and efficiently you can lose good people. And in fact, back in 2012… c.10% of Admiral hires were falling out at this very stage. Could we help?

Enter HARBOUR OnBoarding. The Admiral team got together and brainstormed what they’d like it to do for them. Much of that revolved around the admin side. Tick! Automating the process instantly took care of the timely, costly process of onboarding. But as one of the largest car insurance providers in the UK, Admiral is subject to all sorts of regulation that we needed to look at.  References specifically need to be completed in a timely way, so we created a dynamic reference database which evolves over time and significantly smooth’s the experience for both Admiral and new starters alike.  

In addition, they wanted it to open up engagement with their new starters. How about an online chat forum? No problem. And this has made perhaps the biggest intangible impact. For new starters, they get an insight to the company and culture: meeting other new people and even their department trainers who post photos and introduce themselves sharing a little of who’s who and what’s what. Nice.  And for the people at Admiral, they get an idea about who’s joining and their personalities. Everyone’s a winner.

And the result? Well firstly, there’s a whole lot of happy new starters as they feel they’re joining a company that takes them seriously and is looking forward to their joining. And secondly, you have a happy recruitment team as the onerous, and costly, admin side of the onboarding process has quite simply… disappeared.  And another things that’s vanished? The 10% of people who used to drop out during the onboarding process. Today, since launch 100% of people who have accepted a job with Admiral have joined. Happy days. And it’s thanks to Ben Moriarty and his team that we’ve been able to bring about such positive change.  Over to you Ben.

“HARBOUR OnBoarding is a system that will pay for itself over the year. It’s not only streamlined our process, but everyone – candidates and the business alike – feels engaged and connected before our new starters have even joined us. And as for the team at 3DMarComms? Friendly and professional, they can never do enough for us. They’re always ready to jump on things when they need to and explain even the most complex information in an easy-to-understand way.” 
Ben Moriarty, Recruitment Manager, Admiral Group plc.


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