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Coming good on our festive promise

What's grown into a "bit of a thing" for us is that we don't send out Chritsmas cards or the like. They're lovely to recieve and everything, but we've kinda got in the habit of giving a charitable donation each year instead - and out of 3 charities we decide on, we then give anyone we work with the opportunity to help us decide how to split our donation. (Read all about it here if you missed it: harbour-ats.com/christmas/ )

Anyway, so this year, as well as giving an immediate £250 to the Unicef Syria Children's Appeal that particularly moved us, we raised our total donation pot to £750 and asked visitors (and there were about 500 of them in all) to vote between the following:  

http://www.jdrf.org.uk/ - a type 1 diabetes charity, all about improving lives of those affected, often of children, until a cure is found.

http://www.sense.org.uk/ - one of our new clients last year, Sense supports and promotes the interests of people who are deafblind, multi-sensory-impaired, or who have a single sensory impairment with additional needs. 

http://www.redcross.org.uk/typhoonappeal/ - Weeks after Typhoon Haiyan devastated millions of lives, people were still in urgent need of basic support such as water, food and shelter - we felt this charity is doing a great job out there and we wanted to help that continue.


Sooooooo - with the results all in it worked out that....

Well, it was near as damn it a 3 way tie. Sure, there were a few votes this way or that, but literally no more than 12 between the charity with most clicks and the one with the least. So rather than splitting hairs we went for £250 to each. 

Thanks very much if you did give a click - and no worries if you didn't know or forgot to come through or whatever - reality is, it's just nice to give. :)



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