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Man vs food - Shaun vs Alex

I've done quite a few daft things in my life - but this one I'm willing to blog about, because charity made some pennies from it and it's Shaun's birthday tomorrow, which is why I challenged him So you've probably seen, or at least heard of, Man v. Food - right? Well lots of places now have their own challenge, and the chip shop just round the corner from us is one such place. Chris's Fish Bar is a friendly place, one of our team (Becky - she's new, but more on her again sometime) used to work there, and many a "Fat Friday" lunch is purchased from said establishment. Well imagine our interest when they started advertising a Man vs Food burger and an associated Challenge. It stacks up like this:

4 x 1/4lb burgers
rn4 x slices of cheese
rn4 x slices of bacon mushrooms
rn2 x eggs
rnseasame bun
rnrelish + mayo
rnfull portion of chips
rncan of fizzy drink

Finished within 30 minutes

on your marks...

on your marks...


Easy! Easy! Easy!

Easy! Easy! Easy! (at the start)

One of our number, Dan the Dev, actually travelled in one Saturday with some mates and got on the wall of fame with a time of 29m 57 secs. Now logic went that if Dan, probably a good few stone lighter than either Shaun or myself, could manage this, then.. well.. how hard could it be? silly question. There's a reason there's only 3 people on the wall - and it's not for lack of customers or attempts on the challenge.

Anyway - results are in (and as I type this I'm still aching):

Shaun : 30m 20secs (fail - but still a completion. Boy done good)

Me: 23m 30secs - I SMASHED IT! (best time to date by about 4 mins)

Now I seldom step back from a challenge in my life, but have to question what happened to the guy who used to find challenges in things like marathon's and parachuting and the like - probably middle age TBH, that and the challenge of setting up a business and doing my best being a Dad - but still it was all a bit of Friday fun, and we donated the price of our challenge to the shop's current charity appeal. Now it's time to go lie down I think, but I'll leave the lasting image of this challenge to Shaun. Happy birthday fella x

The last few chips were the straw that broke this camel's back.

The last few chips were the straw that broke this camel's back.