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Playing the fool for Comic Relief

A month ago it was a great opportunity to 'Do something funny for money' on behalf of Comic Relief. Now as a client of ours we couldn't very well let that go without doing something, so a challenge was set that for every person in the business who did something funny, or baked, we'd make a company donation - and if everyone did something then we'd round it up.

The week started early when Amie (Arnie to her 3D MarComrades / HARBOURites) burst in on the Wednesday looking like something out of a psychedelic version of Desperately Seeking Susan - and rather than baking she brought soup to sell (which was particularly lovely!). But so taken aback were we by the early appearance of this "vision" we completely forgot to take a picture for posterity - although she was that comfortable sitting there dealing with clients all day in that get up I have a feeling we'll be seeing it again at some point (if indeed it's not just what she wears at the weekend!).

Fast forward then to the big day - Friday 15th March. Here are some of the things we got up to:

  • Some fancy (dressed) baking - although not all the bakers are in shot (notably Justin's Mum!!!).
  • Jared - ummm - well - that's Jared.
  • Just some PHP devs hard at it.
  • Me (Alex) getting ready to go to two client meetings in London in my PJs (with a child who thinks she's Bonnie Langford in front)
  • Rob & Daniel just doing a user training session with a couple of clients at SITA (or is that Jessie J??!!)
  • and Graham had a New Client meeting, so erred on the side of conventional but added a pretty garish tie (which amusingly got more strange looks than my outfit when we did a joint client meeting in Camden :)).

bakers unite jared just 3 devs Alex PJs Dan & Rob at a client meeting graham tie  

But then as we approached the end of the day we realised that, well, we were one person short of the full participation requirement for maximum donation. Tony, beloved founder and CTO, he who generally bakes something on a regular basis, had brought nothing to this party. What to do, what to do, what to do? Thank fully Steve had an idea of what to do with his panic lunch time creation of a proper Cream Pie - see for yourself the results, and what saw us donating over £220 to Comic Relief:


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