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Busy busy busy - and recruiting too

One day there'll be time to update people on what we've been up to. No really. 'Cos there's loads to tell. But the longer I don't get round to it that's becoming the problem - where the heck to start?

There's the small matter of completely re-engineering and radically transforming  the Clarks recruitment process (ClarksJobs.com - nice site built on our CMS too) with some VERY smart bits within that supports their Line Manager population - oh - and I need to tell you about the really cool calendarisation of telescreen interviewing we've done for Admiral (AdmiralJobs.com - again all hosted by us). Then there's a pretty site our ATS is seamlessly underpinning for OvoEnergy as well as another CMS & ATS site for Omnifone . I also mustn't forget to make a big fuss about our homebuilt mobile version of the Monsoon internal careers portal (tied in with an internal poster campaign resplendent with QR code) and a particularly nifty way we're about to enable BMI Healthcare applicants to partially apply from a mobile ('cos the system knows they're on a mobile you see) from which they then get a reminder to come back and fully submit their application by uploading a CV (although recruiters could progress without if they wanted). Petrofac is a nice little site and another China based campaign site for a new client Tiandi to add to the portfolio too. Ooooo - and we're very pleased with ourselves over our latest Cost Per Hire reporting that's tied everything up for Forward .

There's definitely other nice stuff and clients I'll forget to mention though. hmmmm.

Anyway - should also tell you that we've recruited a newbie in the form of Jared - he's a junior Web Dev. And we're still very keen to recruit someone like him with a few more years under the collar (although we're very picky and really are struggling with the quality TBH) - so if you know an out-and-out deep coding, LAMP stack loving, PHP dev and they're in the North Essex or Reading/Newbury area then be a love and send them this link would you -> VERY good PHP people needed

We also sadly lost a team member (c'est la vie etc etc) - but have picked up another along the way, so can't wait for Alex (great name ;)) to join us as our new and sparkly Project Manager next week. However we're also on the look out for someone really good to come and bolster our Account Handling team (not least to free me up so I can write proper business blog updates!) - so again, if you know someone who might fit in and can get passionate about delivering exceptional customer service (and knows where Tiptree is), then fling 'em this link if you'd be so kind -> people people with a thing for the web & an eye for detail . Well - there you go. A kinda-sorta-ish update plus a plea for some great people as we continue to go from strength to strength. Anyway - this isn't getting the paying clients work done is it, so it's back to the grindstone and hopefully it won't be too long before I check back in - fingers crossed to tell you how pleased we are to have more hires on the horizon :-D