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As Spring Sprung so we hoped into a new home

With the cherry blossom now thick on the trees and daffs pointing skyward everywhere the change of season is definitely here (at long last) and so with a spring in our step we moved into a new HQ for 3DMarComms (literally a hop, skip and a jump away from where we all live) at the beginning of the week.

It's a modest little affair, but already feels like our space and I'm sure will serve us very well. And as the exact same office where Jobserve started off it's got quite a pedigree in regards to web based recruitment businesses, so we'll hope that they left behind a little magic dust in the corner somewhere.

You are of course more than welcome to pop in for a coffee and a biscuit, but Tiptree is hardly the centre of anywhere so we won't be holding our breath ;)

Office sweet office


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