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A quick sniff of our virtual roses

Someone commented to me before Christmas on how, having won a mile-stone piece of business, they were surprised that we didn't seem to allow ourselves any time to enjoy the moment. It's true - we barely acknowledged let alone particularly celebrated the success.

The reality is that time for reflection and self congratulation is, as a start up business, something I consider to be a luxury, all be it one we're working hard to earn. And whilst I can't tell you whether this is something that is reflective of the current economic market or just the way that I approach building a business, what I do know is that right now just about every moment we have is about delivery (not that I'm in any way grumbling of course, but this also explains the tardy blogging of late too).

But it was in creating a presentation for some potential new business at the end of last week that I allowed myself a little swell of pride as I added a new slide to the now quite estalbished "About us" section. Up until now our client references have always had to be about the clients we've worked with in the past - something we termed our "pedigree". And rightly too as we've delivered site's and systems for some pretty impressive brands over the years (as displayed on our About Us page (note to self - make time to refresh that now as well)).

Since HARBOUR (our Applicant Tracking & Content Management platform) was "born" and became pretty much the sole focus for the business, we've been working pretty damned hard to both evolve the system and build a portfolio - it was prepping for Friday's meeting that helped me realise we're probably not doing so bad, all things considered. Our first HARBOUR ATS facility went live back in August, and since then, through the worst economic depression since the second world war,  here's who have used and proved it to date:

HARBOUR clients - Jan 10

So whilst we rub our bleary eyes coming out of a very busy January and muster the energy for what could be an even busier February, during which we'll also hopefully bolster our team with a new member, I hope you'll allow us a bit of a public smile to ourselves. And if you don't hear me waxing lyrical about how we've done this for these and that for those and delighted such and such over something or other - don't mistake it for me not being immensely proud of all that we've done so far within our business - we're just building a client at a time and know we're only really as good as our last delivery. :)