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Here's to the best Recruitment (UK) blog of 2009

Before we all get swept up in the New Year we thought we'd just salute an evergreen presence in the HR/Recruitment blogging community who won through (for the 3rd year running no less) as the Best UK Recruitment Blog of the rather testing business year that was 2009. Yup, Peter Gold & his Hire Strategies Blog did it again in the UK Recruiter blog awards - the X Factor of the Recruitment Opinio-rati.nnPeter's blogging style may often be quite "marmite" and he certainly likes to stir things up to "stimulate" the debate, but his retention of the crown for a triple is great credit to his stamina and dedication to blogging (and having a wheelbarrow full of opinion and observation to share). We were pleased to sponsor the awards this year and so hopefully by now Peter's already received (and ideally sunk before his other passion, rigorous physical training, undoubtedly re-starts in the new year) his very own competition Champers courtesy of HARBOUR ATS n

HARBOUR ATS champagne


nnn[caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="Best UK Recruitment Blog 2009 winner - Peter Gold's Champagne"]Best UK Recruitment Blog 2009 winner - Peter Gold's Champagne[/caption]nnAs far as we're concerned at 3D MarComms the first generation of blogging has seen far too much blogging "wallpaper" being produced. So here's hoping Peter's style of "telling things how he see's them" from a perspective of first hand professional experience will long continue and come to epitomise the style of personal and professional commentary and engagement that will rise to the surface as we embark into the next decade.nnWell done Peter.