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Festive times, busy times, happy & sad times

As we approach the end of the year it is of course generally a time for reflection on the year passed and to look ahead to what the New Year may bring. I got the shock of my life when my wife told me the yesterday that Christmas Day was next Friday   I mean where the hell did that come from??!!

And that kinda sums up the end of the year for us. I think it's fair to say that I have never worked as hard as I have over the past quarter in my life. Of course I'm not complaining, hell, if setting up a business was easy then everyone would do it and we'd all be driving around in nice cars etc etc. But it only seems that I've blinked and we've gone warp factor from September to December. WeightWatchers, Heinz, Environment Agency, Lebara, The Highways Agency & Comic Relief, amongst others, now grace our portfolio and the pace doesn't look like letting up in (or indeed over) the New Year. But we appreciate that this is a formative period for a young business such as ours, so as such we're ensuring we grab every opportunity that comes our way (as well as ones we drag kicking and screaming our way too) with both hands and not only evolving our core product (HARBOUR® ATS), but also ensuring we set a new standard for service within the ATS SaaS market.

However as it is in the gym, so it is business   and with every gain there comes a bit of pain   so whilst this week has seen a new recruit joining our development team (more on that again), it's with a sad heart we're saying “see you round to Adam Gretton. Adam joined us as Commercial Director in September, us having known each other for a number of years. After the FT closed the Bath office of Exec Appointments it seemed like the best timing in the world, but the reality is that as our product evolved at a breakneck speed with the focus from the founding team wholeheartedly on delivery, then clearly something had to give and it's with regret that I'll freely admit Adam didn't receive the support he deserved.

For those of you who know Adam you know that it won't be long until you see him around again as I'm certain he'll bounce up somewhere soon as he remains one of the top Media Relationship Managers (and down right industry good guys) that I've had the pleasure to work with over 14 odd years in Rec Ad. So all that's left to be said is: thanks for everything you've input Adam   we'll miss your tree planting ways ;)

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