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We’re blowing our own trumpet

Look, we don’t do it often. But when one of our clients gets all gushy about us, well, we just
can’t hold back.

It all started back in 2015 when we built an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for Legal & General. They loved what we did so we stuck around to help them with other bits and pieces. Fast forward to 2019 and L&G’s insurance division was merged with LV Insurance Group as part of an acquisition by Allianz . We supported one of the departments in their recruitment activity for the next three years, all pretty low key, but then in spring this year Allianz approached us to take over the entire recruitment and onboarding activity for the LV General Insurance brand.

This was a complex job with, what turned into, a pretty tight deadline (the kind of project
we’re pretty good at taking on.)

In short, we had to clone, expand and enhance the ATS that was in place. There were a lot of moving parts to consider. It also had to cover the overlap time for the run-off of LV’s soon-to-be-retired system. And while we were doing all our clever tech stuff behind the scenes, our client needed to continue with Business As Usual – with the thorough review and sign-off processes required by a financial organisation like theirs.

Of course, we knocked it out of the park (we did say we’d be trumpet-blowing, didn’t we?)

We listened up to what our client wanted and worked our socks off to execute the project around their business. It was a mega-success. The project was completed bang on schedule.

And at the end of ‘Go Live’ day LV General Insurance had raised 18 vacancies and received hundreds of applications. Business interruption? Not on our watch! Is that the tooting of a horn we hear?

That’s not end of the story – no, sirree! While we were head down in the project we uncovered a couple of ways we could improve the recruitment process. Like sorting out integration for background checks (in this case PeopleChecking) so the OnBoarding team recruiters could work off a single platform rather than faffing about logging in and out of separate systems to process and track progress. And creating an interface so data could automatically be sent to their Human Resources Management System (Resourcelink). Meaning no more manual inputting – and risk of typing errors – for them!

LV loved our suggestions. And because they liked and trusted us, they asked us to go ahead and make the changes once the initial project was done. Now neither of the enhancements were ground-breaking. If we’d been building a spanking new ATS they’d have been pretty standard features. But for LV they were a game changer. They brought us in to get a job done – and we didn’t just step in, we stepped up. We built the solution they wanted and also opened their eyes to the potential of greater automation that would help drive efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy in their recruitment process.

That’s how we roll, folks. We treat our clients like partners. We combine our tech expertise with human conversations. We talk to the people we work with, get to know them, dig deep to understand their business needs and priorities.

We dare to care. Then we blow their expectations out of the water. Like we did for LV.

And we know we did because they told us so. Cue more trumpet-blowing.

Allianz have a project delivery review process that scores our work out of 5 and we got 4s and 5s across the board. They loved our collaborative approach. They found us attentive, responsive and accommodating. And they sure liked the way we supported them to explore new processes and efficiency-driving ways of working. Bottom line? We delivered a pretty damned faultless service.

If that isn’t worth a bit of horn-tooting – we don’t know what is.

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