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AI: Additional Intelligence?

HARBOUR's Chief Commercial Officer, Sarah Axcell shares her views on the emergence of AI technology...

ChatGPT . Flick . Tidio . Everywhere you turn right now, you’re faced with the undeniable ascendance of Artificial Intelligence. The universal opportunities this opens up are vast. But it also brings with it a multitude of concerns, not least will this artifice completely replace the human component to business?

In short, the answer to this must be a resounding no. Especially in the world of recruitment, which is essentially a “people” business. To that end, I am firmly of the opinion that “AI” translates to “Additional Intelligence”. 

The ever-evolving world of tech affords us the ability to automate processes, spread the comms net far and wide and work swiftly in a sector where if you snooze, you lose (talent). However, nothing beats that personal touch that only a real-life human being can bring. There’s a big push right now for the need for “soft skills” and experience in candidates /employees (have a read here ), and therefore AI is “Additional” Intelligence, working to exponentially enhance and complement the IQ/EQ/SQ your people embody. There’s nothing “Artificial” in appropriately making use of human-powered tech - it’s not a case of “man vs machine”, but rather optimising the ever-increasing tech resources available to us to power a human-centric approach.

Here at HARBOUR ATS, we have long held the belief that the combination of technology and humanity are the two vital components of building solutions that better connect with the world, achieving exceptional results for the businesses we look after and the candidates who apply.