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New HARBOURite Onboard

We’re shining a spotlight on one of our latest new recruits, Brian Shepherd-Ashby, who has joined us as an Operations Manager.  

Where did you work previously?

Numerous business sectors and roles - I trained as a Quantity Surveyor, I worked at Lloyds of London as an underwriter in insurance, then Barclays for many years in the city, managing projects and programmes and finally as a consultant helping define the bank's operating model.

I left the city and trained as a tree surgeon as well as buying 2 properties in France to redevelop and let out. Set up a successful Tree surgery business as well as a few side businesses for 17 years before returning to permanent employment as Operations Manager for a rural asset management company looking after landed estates across southern England. As I was looking to keep growing and learning, a new job in a sector I'd never been in before with a growing company that values its people was just what I needed - so HARBOUR was an easy choice.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Relaxing for me is music, fishing, walking or cycling. I still have one house in France which is my perfect retreat, although the leaky roofs and rampant bamboo make life a challenge - but that comes with any 200 year old barn I guess. 

I like to take time out to read and learn, I’m currently studying for a psychotherapy qualification. I wish I was better at poker,  enjoy playing and luckily I'm a good loser. I like to experience travel, culturally joining in rather than spectating, so jumping on bicycle, motorbike or in car and heading off to meet the locals, look and listen. 

What are you looking forward to in the next few months at HARBOUR? 

Looking forward to being a part of a really upbeat team who I can see are very caring and so competent. Hopefully I will be able to play my part to keep the happy mood and help make the organisation successful. 


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