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HARBOUR helps Redrow increase undergrad placements

We are officially RUBBISH at promoting ourselves. There are two good parts to this though:

1. it's because we're not actually trying - not that we are trying and we're actually just rubbish at it. We just seem to keep on being really busy and right now (certainly in regards to our current phase of business growth) we'd rather focus on "the bird in the hand"  than chase New Biz through a sales team and end up forgetting about what's ultimately most important i.e. the clients we have and the client's who come to us because our existing client's happily tell people how happy they are with what we do for them and how it feels to be put first.

2. every so often a client goes out and does some publicity themselves based around what they've been doing with their recruitment that includes a mention for us, generating enough background chatter and profile for us that it means that we can still stay rubbish at the self-promo, instead focussing our energy on excelling at keeping existing clients happy :) 


Anyway - one such article was posted last year around the work that Redrow were doing in regards to Grad Recruitment and was published through Recruiter. 

"Streamlining recruitment processes through a new applicant tracking system (ATS) has helped house builder Redrow almost double the number of undergraduates it taken on for 12-month paid work placements on the previous year." ... Read the full article here

Thanks Redrow - we couldn't be more pleased HARBOUR's really working out for you, and appreciate very much you telling people about it. Long may we continue to delight you and your own recruiting and business success continue to go from strength to strength :)