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Trying to make up for lost blogs - Christmas & charity

Believe you me - I get annoyed when I find myself starting blogs "where has the time gone" or similar sentiment, and seeing as we're about 5 months since the last post it's just kinda embarrassing. To think how many times in my previous life I used to lecture clients about "blog graveyards" and how it was better not to have one than have something that's not kept up :-/

Well - we have a plan afoot so that we can keep this updated with news from the heart of HARBOUR, something that will work around the hiatus (namely me) and tap into the growing ranks of bright things we have within the business, ensuring they tell you what they've been up to rather than waiting on me to get blog shamed into making time for an update. 

Anyway - in the mean time I'm going to try and "bang out" a couple of real quick updates just so you know that we're still in business, namechecking some of the various lovely clients we've been working with and some of the lovely solutions we've been putting out for them into the real world. 

But before I even think about any of that I need to let people know what happened re the Christmas donation (see previous blog ). Well MacMillan nurses was the most popular and so we donated the most to them, but then Mind and Shelter Wales weren't too far apart so we gave the same amount to those both as a joint 2nd - a Christmas donation total of £550 (and not including the festive discount we gave Autism West Midlands - one of our charity clients - as well). And no trees pulped in the name of sending out our festive wishes either. Hurrahhh!

Thought you might be interested. 

Now - what the heck have we been up to....