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e-Recruitment Best Practice Guide & growing old

A colleague of mine on the DigitalRecruiting blog, John Whitehurst (this guy not this one), made me aware of a government document that's floating around in Cyber space that apparently I (and he) contributed to. And I have to admit, clearly age is starting to affect as I'm blowed if I can remember anything more than the vaguest recollection of a phone chat at some time - but then again, me waffling on about this subject is a pretty regular occurrence I guess, so hard to recall specific instances. In my defence it's also clearly over a year ago and it's been quite a busy year :-s Anyway - not had chance to read it all the way through, but thought I might share it in case you had more time than I (or seeking a cure for insomnia) and there were any gems in it (other than the fact that the person pictured in the forward does look a little alarmingly like David Walliams - see if you can spot what I mean). Happy reading - e-Recruitment Projects in the Public Sector: A Government guide to Best Practice; Second Edition 2007

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