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Update 2: It's not all about the massive

We like to think we passionate about all we do for our clients - and that goes for whether it's a huge company, a household name or lesser known charity / not for profit. And the same as to whether it's an end-to-end recruitment solution or an interim campaign or pop-up facility. Here are 3 recent facilities that tick a cross section of those boxes:


The joke here goes that as a company that has styled ourselves as providers of "The agile ATS", and particularly considering the pace that some of our projects come at us, then we wonder if there could ever be a more appropriate name to be associated with. Just an interim solution as stands - but from little acorns etc etc :)  apply.lastminutecareers.com/ 


News UK

Better known to everyone as The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. They've been looking for some graduates to join various schemes across the business - so working with their internal marketing team we built the following: newsgraduates.co.uk


National Star College

Lovely people with a great mission: "To enable people with disabilities to realise their potential through personalised learning, transition and destination services." And with the launch of their new site we're very pleased to be helping the HR team bring significant efficiency to their recruitment processes : jobs.nationalstar.org


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