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Gutted to be saying 'see you round' to a HARBOUR legend

In any work environment there's a certain amount of person churn. Sometimes it's for the best for both parties where something hasn't worked out in the relationship, but sometimes, just sometimes, someone moves on who you just know you're really gonna miss. Someone who's become a part of the organisational fabric. And Dan Palmer is just that kind of person. 

Dan joined us in Frontline Support about 4 years ago - it was a stop gap job. Moving back to the area from Southampton he was looking for something to help with the transition (not that he expressly set that out at the time if I recall correctly ;) . He quickly became something of a client favourite - always cheerful and absolutely living our core value of 'dare to care'. When Dan said he "had it" you know that he had it.

Well, here we are today and he's decided that, having recently bought a place with his partner, it's time to go where his heart really lies. And what a big heart this man has. So he's off to pursue a career in helping others - and I mean really helping others, not just with technical / system challenges. 

We know he'll be brilliant. We know he'll make a real difference to the lives of those who he deals with. He's made a real difference here and we'll always be grateful for that. But doesn't mean that we're not sad to see him going. And if you ever want in on any company socials down the line Dan - you're absolutely invited. 


Thanks for everything - but especially the smiles, laughs and memories. 



p.s. his gorgeous face is gonna stay on our website for a little while too - he's happy we don't want to obliterate him from our fabric straight way (& he signed the waiver anyway ;-p )  

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