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Heinz Meanz (no) Seamz

One of the things that Alex and Tony told me about 3D MarComms and HARBOUR was the speed at which they could deploy a facility. And not just an off-the-shelf system, but a bespoke system designed to fit a client's particular recruitment requirement like a glove. AND not just a great back-end , but a front-end that looks just like the rest of the clients' site, meaning seamless integration, improving the candidate experience. AND I've just witnessed first hand what they mean.

So let me introduce you to our www.heinzgraduates.co.uk

Heinz Graduate Recruitment site 2009/10 (c/o ThirtyThree & 3D MarComms)

ThirtyThree created the quirky but very on brand design and our job was to create an application facility to seamlessly underpin this - and so only those of you with the keenest of eyes (fixed on the URL bar) will spot the transition to www.heinzgraduates-apply.co.uk for the application section.

Happy client and happy Ad Agency - what a nice combination.

So it seems that 3D MarComms do indeed 'walk the walk' as well as 'talk the talk', but hey - if I had doubted that I really shouldn't be here anyway. However, it's still good to see first hand how the 3 pillars of the 3D MarComms Ethos (Dynamic solutions; Delivery focussed; Digitally-centric) translates to delighted clients - maybe that's the 4th D?.

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