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Local Retail Recruitment - doing new stuff for a long standing client

To date I've not been able to let go of the mantle for updating this here blog with news of what we're doing and stuff like that - which is kinda poor on my part, not least because it means that it can go weeks or (most likely) months without us saying anything about what we're up to. 

So until a natural successor emerges or (more likely ;) it gets forced from my grip, maybe I can get in the habbit of just posting some quick fire updates???

Hmmmmm - well, we'll see.

Let's start with this though.

Who: Existing client (keeping name quite for the mo) who've been with us for many years (early adopter! ;) . They are in the retail sector. 

Challenge: Internet connectivity / bandwidth / kit availability in shops is very much zealously ringfenced for running of the core business (which is understandable), but what that means is that shops running their recruitment have to do so offline. Also had some challenges to overcome in regards to users not having dedicated email addresses.

Execution: we built a Store focussed interface, bolted onto their established system, overseen and managed by a central team, but very much focussed on letting the local users create and manage their own recruitment. So far has been rolled out just in one region. 

Outcome: The initial feedback is... "it's gone down an absolute treat and the managers think that it's amazing - rating 10/10" 

happy with that :-)