Just like the world around us, we have changed beyond all recognition since we started in 2008. Today, our determination to evolve hasn’t diminished. Nor has our passion for creating solutions that release pressure on the clients we look after, and the candidates they are looking for.

Our who and our why

We’re a software business. A Tech Company. We deal in “cloud based” internet solutions. But first and foremost we’re a close-knit team of individuals all driven to solve client challenges through a combination of pragmatism and brilliance, all underpinned by an unfaltering dedication to deliver exceptional service. We have a clear mission and strive to live and breathe our values. And we know that the people and businesses we work with best are those with whom this approach and our values resonate.

So, if you’re looking for a new ATS provider, or have a challenge that requires a software solution with a different level of client focus and agility in delivery, then we think this is a pretty important section for you to look through. For us, partnership isn’t just a word on a slidedeck or a glib salesteam phrase - it’s the bedrock of all we do.