Agility sits at the heart of a product range that we’ve been designing, building and refining since 2008. Our focus has always been to create systems that enhance the experience for both client and candidate.

Technology-enhanced human systems

In a world where technology can seem like the answer, we always ask the questions that help us create technology-enhanced human systems. At the heart of every solution we provide is Quantum - our ATS system that has evolved over the last decade.

Let's be specific

Over a decade of technical know-how has resulted in software that we can adapt to so many different client needs. For years we've positioned ourselves as 'The agile ATS' - and for good reason. Within many of our ATS solutions there are quirks that clients wanted specifically to meet what they needed – some of which stayed specific to that client, some of which have gone on to be evolved elsewhere, but all of which enriches our experience and capability, such as:

And it's not just functionality that we customise – we also have a number of entire systems that are standalone too. One of our longest served customers, Admiral Group, approached us a few years into our working relationship and asked if we could build a facility that would help smooth their travel booking process for employees, whilst also helping with their exceptionally high focus on duty of care for employees and providing clear and insightful MI.

At first, we weren't sure. Was there not something already on the market that could give them what they needed? But their trust and confidence in our ability to deliver exactly what they wanted, saw us build the Admiral Travel System (which we fully appreciate is ever-so-slightly ironic that it's also called an 'ATS'). This system processes hundreds of submissions every month, and also ensures that employees have a central point for their travel requests, booking confirmations with aligned documentation and key assistance and other helpful travel information. It's really grown into quite a system on its own – and we are, of course, very proud. But in our usual understated way.

So if you think you have an idea or a different approach you’d like brought to life, or even help initially thinking around a challenge you face, we’re always happy to have a chat. As well as outstanding service we’ve built our business and reputation around being the most agile ATS on the market - which also means sometimes not being an ATS at all, which is cool, because who wants to be pigeon-holed anyway - so drop us a line or give us a call. Being challenged is what we live for.

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