Agility sits at the heart of a product range that we’ve been designing, building and refining since 2008. Our focus has always been to create systems that enhance the experience for both client and candidate.

Technology-enhanced human systems

In a world where technology can seem like the answer, we always ask the questions that help us create technology-enhanced human systems. At the heart of every solution we provide is Quantum - our ATS system that has evolved over the last decade.

Chatbot – using Google’s AI to supercharge candidate comms and beyond

There’s no questioning that in today’s internet-fuelled world, people’s expectations for accessing information when and how they want are spiralling. And where deciding on applying for a job can be one of the biggest life changing decisions someone can take (outside of house or family matters – but almost certainly still impacting both), then it’s understandable that potential candidates expect more than a static JD and application form.

That’s why we’re working on an integration that plugs into Google’s open source AI powered chatbot. And because we’re building it, we can, through appropriate verification standards, offer far more than just quirky top-level niceties. We can truly up-level the candidate engagement across your recruitment and OnBoarding journey, whatever time of day or night. And if you’re up for it, why not accommodate applications by Social Media plug-ins? We’re keen to pioneer – are you?

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