Over the years we’ve said ‘hello’ to so many businesses who have never said ‘goodbye’. Why? Because our passion for service and our ability to create agile solutions keeps clients delighted.

Quality, service and results

The success of every piece of work we do is measured in three ways: the quality of the product, the service level we deliver and the results we achieve. All of which leads to the best measurement of all. The measurement that we have built this business upon and will never forget. The happiness of our clients.

So whether it’s an ‘entry level’ facility that helps get a charity able to accept online applications or an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ system that has multiple integrations and takes the Hiring Manager from vacancy request to induction planning and following up with new-starter surveys, we take as much pride in delivering to our commitment to strive for excellence every time.

Within this section we’ve got a couple of case-studies that will hopefully showcase not only our capability and outcomes for these clients, but also our approach to delivery and the importance we place on the ongoing relationship. Sometimes award winning - always striving for smiles. We also try to keep a fairly regular update of what we've been up to and work we've been doing in our News & Views section - so be sure to stop by there. And you don’t have to just take our word for it:

“We began working with HARBOUR in 2013 and have been so pleased with our ATS in the UK that we’ve since introduced it to our operations in Canada, America and Italy.

Using HARBOUR has allowed us to streamline our Recruitment process and improve the candidate journey. HARBOUR know that one size doesn’t fit all; they’ve been flexible to our needs, for example, enhancing the way we report on recruitment KPI’s and revolutionising how we track and monitor diversity throughout the business.

The agility and ease of use of the system has also made it easy for us to continually develop our processes.

HARBOUR are more than just an ATS, the service they provide is second to none – with someone always available on the other end of the phone to help and share ideas. I would have no hesitation in recommending HARBOUR to anyone looking for an ATS system.”

Ellie Jones - Recruitment Team Manager - Admiral

When 45% of new joiners tell you they don’t feel prepared for their first day, there’s a problem. We like problems. Seeking and solving them. So, when SUEZ approached us to look at the way they on-board new talent, we went to work.

Wasting an opportunity

Suez are a Utility company who manage waste and wastewater. But they were wasting an opportunity to help new joiners start their career with Suez in the best way possible. Feedback highlighted that on day one, new starters didn’t feel prepared, informed or part of the family. We all know how daunting any first day can be, so we created a solution that would help every new starter be as prepared as possible.

Getting the right people involved

Getting the right people involved at the start of any project is crucial, so we created a team of new starters, hiring managers, resourcing professionals and ourselves to design a process, both online and offline, that would ensure that every new starter would feel part of the SUEZ family even before they walked through the doors. And a rich candidate experience that would reach beyond the OnBoarding process to include their first day experience and induction programme.

The Recruiter’s Toolkit

We created a Recruiters’ toolkit that gave guidance to how best to bridge the gap between accepting an offer and joining on day one. This included a hiring manager portal and a ‘Buddy’ programme. We installed software that would prompt the hiring manager to ensure that the OnBoarding process remained on track. Not to mention automatic notifications to every new starter and automatic updates to human resources, facilities, equipment teams and IT.

More than technology

We’re a business that understands the two sides of the software coin. On the one side is technology and on the other is the human touch. We created a ‘What a great first day looks like’ workshop. A training session for our hiring managers that will help them shape the new starter’s first day, to make a great first impression and continue the great work that they did during the on-boarding process

Planning, planning, planning

The induction planner was a critical element of success for Suez. Through their portal the hiring manager can create a bespoke, one-month induction plan that will meet the specific needs of the new starter. This is a mixture of mandatory tasks (without which the planner cannot be submitted) and other optional tasks. There is also the opportunity to create brand new tasks that are specific to the new starter, their role and their department.

The OnBoarding site

This site offers every new starter the ability to complete essential documentation online, be prepared for their first day, review their induction process and facilitate kicking off a relationship directly with their new manager. After two weeks and then again at six months, we survey each new starter about the process they have just been through, how they are feeling right now and would they recommend us as an employer.

Incredible impact

While much of the process is supported by technology it is actually the continuous interaction between new starter and SUEZ hiring managers taking responsibility for their hire that is having the most impact. The technology ensures that Suez have full visibility of the end-to-end process and can be sure that everyone who joins them has experienced a robust, informative and interactive experience.

A sign of success

There has been a significant reduction in the number of telephone calls that Suez have received from new starters regarding the joining process. This is because the onboarding process has moved away from the resourcing team and towards the hiring manager. Who are using the resources that we have given them and are building meaningful and productive relationships with the new starters even before they walk through the door of SUEZ for their first day.

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