Over the years we’ve said ‘hello’ to so many businesses who have never said ‘goodbye’. Why? Because our passion for service and our ability to create agile solutions keeps clients delighted.

Quality, service and results

The success of every piece of work we do is measured in three ways: the quality of the product, the service level we deliver and the results we achieve. All of which leads to the best measurement of all. The measurement that we have built this business upon and will never forget. The happiness of our clients.

So whether it’s an ‘entry level’ facility that helps get a charity able to accept online applications or an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ system that has multiple integrations and takes the Hiring Manager from vacancy request to induction planning and following up with new-starter surveys, we take as much pride in delivering to our commitment to strive for excellence every time.

Within this section we’ve got a couple of case-studies that will hopefully showcase not only our capability and outcomes for these clients, but also our approach to delivery and the importance we place on the ongoing relationship. Sometimes award winning - always striving for smiles. We also try to keep a fairly regular update of what we've been up to and work we've been doing in our News & Views section - so be sure to stop by there. And you don’t have to just take our word for it:

“We began working with HARBOUR in 2013 and have been so pleased with our ATS in the UK that we’ve since introduced it to our operations in Canada, America and Italy.

Using HARBOUR has allowed us to streamline our Recruitment process and improve the candidate journey. HARBOUR know that one size doesn’t fit all; they’ve been flexible to our needs, for example, enhancing the way we report on recruitment KPI’s and revolutionising how we track and monitor diversity throughout the business.

The agility and ease of use of the system has also made it easy for us to continually develop our processes.

HARBOUR are more than just an ATS, the service they provide is second to none – with someone always available on the other end of the phone to help and share ideas. I would have no hesitation in recommending HARBOUR to anyone looking for an ATS system.”

Ellie Jones - Recruitment Team Manager - Admiral

You don’t have to work in the healthcare sector to know that recruiters are facing huge challenges. For Circle Health Group things were just about to get tougher and as one of our long-term clients, we were right there and ready to rise to the challenge.

The challenge of all challenges

In 2020, Circle Health Group acquired a much larger healthcare provider adding more than 50 hospitals to their portfolio. On top of a huge acquisition and rebrand exercise, the Group were facing one of the toughest crises in the history of the health sector - Covid. An already challenging employment market became even tougher with the demand for healthcare workers increasing and the talent pool shrinking.

For the newly appointed Head of Talent Acquisition, Simon Mawson, it was clear that the Group needed to take a fresh look at their recruitment strategy and how their long-term partnership with HARBOUR could support them.

The power of attraction

With such fierce competition for talent, attraction is key and creating a modern and engaging careers website was a top priority. Candidates also expect a first-class user experience – one that allows them to search and apply for a role in just a few clicks.

Working with the web development team at HARBOUR, the outdated careers website was overhauled, creating an engaging front end and improved user journey to attract new talent. Streamlining the application form has reduced the time to apply by nearly 50% and the addition of Request a call back functionality has increased their talent pool.

an incredible
more applications within the first year

The best talent is hired quickly

With stiff competition for talent and recruiting 4,000 new colleagues a year, the Group needed to be able to respond at pace to applicants. But the resourcing team were relying heavily on manual processes and email, and hiring managers were slow to respond. All of this meant a resource-intensive, drawn-out recruitment process, and the risk of candidates being lost.

The need to move fast was a key driver for automating more of the recruitment process through the HARBOUR ATS. By tailoring functionality to meet their needs, the resourcing team can now complete tasks, that may have taken 8-10 emails, in a single click of a button.

Reducing the amount of manual administration has freed up the resourcing team to focus on adding value to the candidate experience and new joiners are describing their experience as unique and personalised.

Tasks which typically took 8-10 emails now completed with a single click

Empowering hiring managers

Engaging hiring managers and getting them to respond quickly was a real challenge. With hospital managers spending most of their time on the shop floor away from their desk, and patient care being the priority, it’s easy to understand why.

HARBOUR worked with the team to create a portal that would give managers full visibility of candidates throughout the process and enable them to complete tasks quickly. The key was making the portal as easy to use as possible to ensure buy-in and give time back to managers.

By simply logging into the portal once a day, managers can keep on top of recruitment activity, respond swiftly and ultimately reduce the time to hire. Greater visibility of the process has encouraged managers to engage with their new starters at touch points throughout onboarding, enhancing the candidate experience.

Taking the complexity out of onboarding

Onboarding in the healthcare sector is complex and time-consuming, with a large number of pre-employment checks and requirements. The team at HARBOUR understand these challenges and have created a bespoke portal that takes the hassle out of onboarding and ensures compliance with CQC regulations. Fully automated, the portal takes candidates step-by-step through pre-employment checks, prompting them to upload the necessary documentation and sending reminders about any tasks they haven’t completed.

Hire time reduced by nearly 50%

A collaborative approach

Simon explained that a large part of their success with the HARBOUR system has been down to the collaborative way in which Circle Health Group and HARBOUR work together. HARBOUR are regarded as an extension of the Circle team which allows for an open and safe dialogue which is how the best solutions are reached.

“The partnership with HARBOUR is unique - not like a normal client/supplier relationship. They have a genuine desire to understand what we want to achieve. They challenge us and encourage us to explore different ways of doing things. Getting heads together enables us to find the right solution, first time and avoids resources being wasted.”
Simon Mawson, Head of Talent Acquisition

As with any great partnership the great work doesn’t stop. The teams are already looking to the future with an Indeed integration underway and a mobile app for hiring managers is on the wish list.

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