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How to up your DEI game with recruitment tech

In the past few years, client conversations about DEI have certainly increased.

They want to know how they can use recruitment software to eliminate subconscious bias and to track, monitor and report on DEI throughout the recruitment process.

Fortunately, we have plenty of solutions. Here's some of what we can do…

Diversity questionnaire

Every system we’ve ever built comes with a diversity questionnaire as part of the application process. The questionnaire isn’t attached to a candidate’s profiles within the system so recruiters can’t see what candidates have completed as part of their application. So no bias there. What it does do is collectively track information, allowing a recruiter or manager to view details such as how many applications they’re getting for certain groups and how far candidates are getting through the process.

We’ll generally be guided by clients as to what questions/responses are included, but if asked for our input we’d recommend standard diversity questions to cover nationality, gender, age group, ethnic background and religion – and, obviously, candidates are given the option to ‘Prefer not to say.’

Onboarding support

Not all candidates feel comfortable answering diversity questions at the start of their job search. However, when their application has been successful and they’re about to become an employee of the company they might want to share more information. Like if they have a physical disability, which would need to be considered as part of their workplace setup.

Our HARBOUR system includes the ability to add diversity questions at the onboarding stage so clients can ensure they’re doing the right thing and are staying on track with their DEI agenda.

Gender imbalance tracker

Who would create bespoke software and name it the gender imbalance tracker? Um, that would be us!

A long-term financial client was concerned there may be a gender split at interview stage. So we developed specific functionality to help them out. The software prompts hiring managers to give feedback, via a menu of options, to show why they’ve chosen to interview a candidate or offer them a position.

Our gender imbalance tracker pretty much does what it says on the tin. It allows our clients to monitor any gender imbalance and find out why. Is it down to attraction? Were there more male applications than female ones? Are enough female candidates getting through the interview stage? Or is it something else that needs to be addressed?

CV anonymisation

An increasing number of our clients are using CV anonymisation functionality. And why wouldn’t they if they’re serious about DEI?

Our Application Tracking System sends CVs to a third-party CV parsing provider to help eliminate subconscious bias. Clients can set parameters by choosing to hide certain information like the candidate’s name, address, or school/college/university name. The anonymised CV then goes to the HR or line manager, leaving them to make a decision based purely on a candidate’s skills and experience.

By the way, while anonymised CVs go to the person in charge of hiring, non-anonymised CVs are still available to the recruitment team – which is handy for DEI tracking purposes.

Not all our clients collect CVs, preferring candidates to complete an application form in full instead. No problem. In this case, we can set up functionality to hide certain fields on the form from hiring managers – so, again, giving hirers the opportunity to make a non-biased decision.

Job page accessibility tools

We’re all about removing obstacles so candidates with additional needs can easily apply for roles. That’s why we partner with providers such as Recite Me to provide accessibility tools on job pages for clients like Admiral. With options to increase font sizes, change the background colour and download an audio file, every candidate can confidently start their job search.

Here at HARBOUR, we’re all about the candidate experience. Sure, we deliver what our clients want. But we also give them what their candidates deserve. With recruitment tech working alongside your DEI goals we can make your hiring fairer and help to bring a wealth of diverse talent through your doors. We’d say that was a win-win, wouldn’t you?

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