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Happy birthday to us

post by Alex Hens - CEO; Founder; (self-titled) Solutionista

27th May 2023 represents our 15th birthday. 
That's 180 months.
3,900 working days (however those are distinguished from non-working days for a founder).
2,340,000 minutes across 15 years based on an average 10 hour days spread across working days.

That's a flippin long time by any reckoning. And if I need a physical representation of what such a passage of time might represent, I have at home a 6ft tall floppy haired yoof currently taking his GCSEs to remind me what such a time frame can also result in.

Tell you what though... with all the work we've been doing in the business over the past year (read about it here if you missed it : A personal view from the HARBOUR wall : Goodbye 2022 – you were so very valuable, but I’m glad to see the back of you ) I can't remember a time I was quite so enthused by the excitement of building our future. 

It's often said that sometimes you have to take a step back to take a step forward - well boy am I, and the business, now rejuvenated by our metaphorical step back and very ready for some big ole steps forward. And what it's been great to see is how that kind of enthusiasm really is infectious - we've given, hell no - earned, ourselves the freedom to imagineer what comes next. Creating the space to explore our curiosity - not least with Tony (founder and CTO) "playing" directly with a select OpenAI beta group, whilst Dan (Lead Dev) has built his own AI powered twitch chat bot (he has explained to me what it does - but I'm not foolhardy enough to try and explain it here). And all of that fresh thinking, those fresh perspectives, well... it's quite an addictive elixir. 

But what's just as important is holding true to all we've stood for over these past 2.3m minutes this business has traded for- and that's putting our clients and their candidates front and centre in both thoughts and deeds.

So thanks for all the kind wishes.
To those who have played a part in our journey to this point we raise a glass.
To those who are still playing their part - be it as a HARBOURite, a supplier or a client - we literally couldn't do this without you, so thanks.
And for those who'll play a part in what comes next... we look forward to working with you. 

For everyone else - watch this space! 

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