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‘tis the season to be virally charitable

Firstly – Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday & Festive Greetings to anyone reading this. What an up and downy kind of year 2008 was – sporting success like the UK hasn’t seen in, well, as far back as I can remember and then crunches and bubbles bursting all over the place (and didn’t the morbid mass media love telling us about it - again & again & again!). I hope you enjoyed the former and haven’t been dramatically touched by the latter. As a new business (7months old) we’re just happy to be making a go of it, but I think we’re realistic enough to see that fortune has smiled on this particular fledgling business and I think we’re in a good position to exploit opportunities as they present themselves in 2009 (alone and in partnership). Anyway – a lot of people have said nice things to and about us since we decided to find our own path and so as we don’t have everyone’s addresses to send cards to we thought we’d use this opportunity to give a general Merry Christmas wish and slip into the festive mood and give to those less fortunate than ourselves - but who and how much to give? Well we thought we’d leave that to you. All you have to do is nominate a charity through leaving their name as a comment below, and then on or around the 30th December we’ll give £1 for every comment left to the most popular charity. Now we’ve done OK so far, but we’re not made of money (or daft) so there’s a limit of £400 available to the popular charity vote. I’d be gob smacked if it got that high, but you never know – and I think if it does reach the £400 mark then we’ll probably split the pot and give ¼ to the second most listed charity. So it’s one nominating comment per person please – but if you’ve got friends then make sure you tell them and who knows, this viral festive giving might just see us starting the year with lighter pockets but a warm feeling inside. Have a lovely Christmas / Hanukka / Yule / Kwanzaa and we wish you and yours a prosperous 2009 – 3D MarComms x This post is now closed - to read the results & who we gave what to then you can read it here. Thanks.

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