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Welcome one, welcome all - the first post

Quite a big day this the launch of the 3D MarComms website proper. As a business we've been operating now for around 6months, so this site is certainly long overdue we know that, but whilst we've been keeping ourselves pretty busy (to be fair largely on projects with 33 - more on that again) we've also been scheming and building our own stuff too. It's been an interesting summer - let's put it that way. So what might you expect from the 3DMC blog? If you're reading this at all then you'll likely be very aware of my previous blog activity on Digital Recruiting (something that I'll be keeping up), but as this here is a personal project it's likely that the focus of observations, comments and (probably) the odd rant will widen. It's a big world of bloggable topics out there after all. Hopefully I'll also be able to persuade my partner in crime, Tony the web dev wizard, out of the shadows of deep code to contribute too  he's not just a nice guy, I also find his explanations of some of the deeper techy issues of the day most helpful in a digital immigrant keen to keep learning kinda way (that's me by the way  he's definitely a native, maybe even a native elder). But like with all good blogs  you start of with a plan written in pencil, then we'll see where it takes us. Marketing Communications and Recruitment are definitely passions, Digital developments too, so there'll probably be a fair amount on that. Will try and steer clear of politics, but other than that if we can raise a smile, generate a nod of agreement, spark a debate or inform someone somewhere along the way then job's a good un. Remember though  no one's got the patent on being right, this blog will just be a bunch of our opinions and thoughts. If you take offence or disagree with something we say then tell us  if we're wrong or misrepresent something then we'll be the first to hold our hands up and say so as soon as we're aware. You've got our contact details on the site  call, email, leave a comment. And if we can't agree, or at least agree to disagree, then it's easy enough to kill the RSS feed and ignore this little ole blog. Such is the way of blogosphere my friends :) Here's to the next 6months and beyond.