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Top time for Topps Tiles!

If you’ve ever tried your hand at tiling, you’ll know how much time it takes. You have to plan, measure and cut in advance. You MUST clean the tiles first. Mix the grout in small batches. If you don’t, you waste it. Start in the centre and work out. Never forget to notch your adhesive and compensate for those walls that are imperfect.

I didn’t know all this until we started working with Topps Tiles in September 2019. But at HARBOUR, the Topps Tiles experience has reminded us about the need for patience, tolerance, and discretionary effort. Most importantly, we’ve seen how the investment of time in anything – tiling or onboarding a new client – always pays off.

Doesn’t sound radical, does it? But in a world where we are all going at a million miles an hour and trying to react to whatever the next normal throws at us, daring to care for what your client does, or doesn’t need, is vital.

We’ve recently gone live with their new ATS system. Well over a year after we first took them through a demonstration of our system. Now to most people that might sound like an outrageous time to wait. But COVID had a few things to say about delay. And whilst Topps, along with the rest of us, worked out what the reality of COVID measures meant for their business, everything was put on hold. In that time, we kept the relationship warm, we kept talking and thinking about what they really needed to deliver great experience and drive an optimal recruitment process. We prepared well.

During those months, we were able to step back from the ‘need it yesterday’ mentality much of the world seems to be used to and planned for a connected system that would enhance every candidate experience and save huge amounts of time for hiring managers and stores.

So from an initial conversation that focused on implementing a new ATS, we’ve just pressed go on Vacancy Authorisation, the Topps Tiles Retail Managers Portal and the Onboarding system. Oh, and the brand new ATS.

And because we spent time talking to the team at Topps Tiles about a more connected system, we connected three other divisions within the business into the one system. Investment in time building the relationship to truly understand what a client really needs builds trust – something we never take for granted but feel our longevity of client relationships proves the value of time and time again.

In a world that is trying to accelerate out of the darkest times, we’d urge everyone out there to take a breath, if you can, before hitting the fast forward button on any project. Getting it right first time, like tiling, takes time. So, invest the time wisely.

In the meantime, I’d like to say a huge congratulations to Topps Tiles and the HARBOUR team for building a system that is designed to save time and add value to every candidate and hiring manager. Good things do come to those who wait.

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